Ai driven Fraud Prevention

Reduce fraud losses by 80%

Our AI engine Mitra flags risky transactions in real time, preventing losses

We are revolutionizing fraud prevention through data, machine learning and design

Big Data Technology

Our soultions scale horizontally to millions of users without changing the software.

Artificial Intelligence

We use mini models, global signals and an ensemble of AI algorithms to accurately profile fraudulent behaviour.

Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud and abuse for your web-scale business with real-time machine learning.

It Changes, It Evolves. And it’s persistent.

Fraud is as old as Commerce, with E-Commerce becoming popular fraud has also adopted to the new digital avatar. Fraud management is an essential component of running an e-commerce business because it is intrinsically connected to a merchant’s bottom line. Fraud is bad for the whole ecosystem, merchant, customer and payment gateway. The frauds plaguing Indian ecom-universe are

The Real Cost of Fraud

Cost of Fraud, Fraud Detection & Fraud Prevention is one of the key barriers for both emerging and established ecom players. Real cost of fraud entails.

Fraud Losses

Losses due to fraud spread multiple dimensions forward and reverse logistics cost and merchandise money getting stuck for round trip time plus merchandise getting obsolete in case of RTO fraud. Cost of item loss in case of duplicate item return fraud and chargeback fighting cost in case of payment fraud.

Lost Sales

Due on inability to fight fraud companies sometimes use very broad rules to block whole genre of customers like blocking use of international credit cards, blocking whole states … hence losing genuine users and potential sales

Fraud Review Cost

This is usually not calculated however fighting with fraud can consume huge bandwidth of top management team and takes their attention away from other strategic matters. Internal review team cost is another cost item of fraud which should be taken into account while calculating fraud losses.

An order to submit for review. Only _userID is required field. But this should contain order info.

  • _userId
    The user's account ID according to your systems. Note that user IDs are case sensitive.
  • _sessionId
    The user's current session ID, used to tie a user's action before and after login or account creation. Required if no user_id values is provided.
  • _orderId
    string Required
    The ID for tracking this order in your system.
  • _deviceIp
    IP address of the request made by the user. Recommended for historical backfills and customers with mobile apps.

Shake Hands

Mitra supports both customized and standard API integration. It has plug and play SDKs for Magento and other platforms that includes Java, Python, and/or PHP.

Average integration time varies 45 minutes to a couple of days.

Real Time Data Transfer

MITRA leverages the power of big data technologies and machine learning to analyze all the parameters of transaction. Once it has all the data it maps the same with our proprietary algorithms derived from historical data to arrive at a risk score of the customer. It then flags the suspicious transactions.


We ensure all the risky transactions are auto-blocked. All suspicious items either resides with your Supply Chain Management system or listed in the ThirdWatch panel. Rationale/Business logic for Risk Score is also shown.

For example, multiple transactions happening from one IP address or multiple account logins taking place from the same device or suspicious email addresses or an unsafe shipping address.


Final decision to process/decline order resides with the customer. If after reviewing, the reasons of blocking the order, the customer decides that the order has been mistakenly blocked or blocked in error he can easily approve the same from the dashboard itself and process the order.


Mitra is About


Mitra’s AI keeps on evolving and becoming more intelligent as it sees and grasps more and more transactions.


We engage with our partners from the first phase. Starting from the time the user creates the account to when he does and completes a transaction.


We empower and engage with our partners with tools and teach them to identify fraudulent users and at the same time protect and respect genuine users.


We understand the importance of real time customer communication and experience. We ensure that the experience of genuine customers is never compromised. Mitra gives risk score in milliseconds.


Fraud is inherent in all forms of business but when it comes to digital it amplified because there is no face or voice attributed to the consumer.. Mitra is designed to give anonymous buyer faces and fingerprint.


What matters is the bottom line, so we make sure that you can clearly see the reduction in fraud losses in hard numbers. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself! We give free trial so that you see, know, and believe that our product pays for itself.

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